The Collective Leadership Compass

Turning the challenges of complexity, interdependency and urgency into opportunities requires more than passion, intuition, or excellent plans. We need to shift the way we co-create – learn faster together, collaborate more efficiently, and enhance collective action for more sustainable human behaviour. The Collective Leadership Compass is a guiding structure that helps navigate complex settings collaboratively and implement more outcome-oriented and constructive co-creation on a day-to-day basis – for individuals, teams, an entire organisation, and cross-sector co-operation initiatives. The enablers of Collective Leadership for Sustainability can be made transparent. They can be learned or enhanced – individually and collectively.

For an audio recording check this:  The Collective Leadership Compass

The compass suggests six competencies that we need to attend to and develop further in the way we lead collaboration and the way we contribute to collective action. Each of them has an impact in its own right, but when they come together they create a climate of Collective Leadership.


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